The RX-Series offers reliable performance at a very comfortable price, while the SD-Series amplifiers deliver a massive amount of power in a small, lightweight package. The versatile Ti2-Series deliver superior quality with sleek, sophisticated looks. And the high-end Elite Series amplifiers feature audiophile-quality technologies that put them in a league entirely of their own.

Made for lower-powered systems, the RX-Series provide impressive performance without a huge price tag. The Ti2-Series speakers feature 20mm silk dome tweeters for clean, smooth sound and fidelity. And the Elite Series speakers - created by audiophiles, for audiophiles - boast an array of features combined to deliver the best audio experience possible.

The RX-Series is a line of subwoofers that deliver a ton of punch for the price. Strikingly thin and startlingly powerful, the SL-Series subwoofers push out a massive wall of sound for their size. Built for deep bass and super realistic music, the Ti2-Series subwoofers have slick looks that match their performance. And, then there are the Elite Series subwoofers, precision engineered for extreme performance and perfect sound fidelity.

Phoenix Gold takes pride in paying attention to the details of our products by providing optional accessories for even better performance or convenience. For subwoofers, the G110/G112 powder coated metal grilles provide a stealth and clean look for any system while protecting your woofers from damage. It's custom accessories that can really put the perfect finishing touch on your audio system.