Subwoofer Systems

If you need a powerd system to custom fit in your exixting vehicle, or a rugged enclosed subwoofer box, Phoenix Gold has you covered.
The Brand New Integrated Series combines the finest Phoenix Gold amplifier and Subwoofer with a custom box, sculpted to seamlessly fit inside your existeing vehicle. The amplifier fully retains all the OEM functions such as steering wheel controls, head unit functionality, blue tooth, On-star, chime function, etc.
Whether you want to shake your windows or just looking for a little low end, fill the RVE loaded enclosure is the perfect solution. Combining a Phoenix Gold Subwoofer, an extremely strong and anti-resonate subwoofer cabine, and a heavy duty metal grill, the R VENT can provide the low end you need in a protective shell, resitant to any trunk items.